The BBC have archived Radio Times from the past 80 years, and you can (apart from actual, useful things) search for what was on tv on the day you were born. Anyway, both a Cole Porter musical and Blue Velvet were on the day I was born, which p. much sums me up

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David Bowie || Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)

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I’m thinking log lady for Halloween, maybe?

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Sergio Asti, Model No. 640 Profiterole, for Martinelli Luce, 1968
I’m not sure what I’ve sewn, but I’m over it. Deadline tomorrow!

Nothing says freshness like vomiting as you brush your teeth.

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Sweet deities, as of the 4th I have been on this website for 5 years.


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Viviane Sassen, Menthe (Ultra Violet Series)
Getting better at cutting my eye crease :))

Doberman biting the leg of model Christie Brinkley photographed by Chris Von Wangenheim for Vogue February 1977



Micro minis and a whole lotta glitter – Donatella Versace takes her cue from an iconic Richard Avedon AW94 campaign and the decade’s classic teen films.

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I’m in Second year, thank the lord

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Officially in the luxury of having time to kill. Dropped into that point where every thought slips away as soon as it’s reached and each inconsequence piles into a nonlinear mound, yet I’m still not reaching sleep.

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